1. How many properties do you have on your books?
  2. Pilbara Real Estate has on average approximately 25% of the market on its books, according to analysis on

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  3. I’m new to town / not sure where to buy – can you give me some advice?
  4. If you’re unsure where to buy, we’re happy to help! Our team is made up of locals, along with people who have moved here with partners and families form Perth and interstate. So we have staff with both extensive local knowledge, and experience moving and finding a house in the Pilbara for the first time.

    We’re more than happy to provide information on the suburbs and towns in the Pilbara, along with general information on the performance of the local real estate market and historical sales in the areas you are interested.

    For more information About the Pilbara and Investing in Pilbara Property, read our Resources Link to Resources section.

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  5. What if I don’t have a deposit for a property?
  6. If you don’t have a full 10% deposit saved for a property, there may be other alternatives, depending on your situation.
    If you have an existing owner-occupied home, you may be able to utilise equity in that property to fund your borrowing costs, therefore eliminating the need for a deposit.

    If you do not already own a home, low documentation loans may provide added flexibility to a standard bank loan. Other options include a family guarantee (where equity from a family member’s home is used as security), or a purchase in joint venture (such as tenants in common structure).

    Of course, it is important to thoroughly understand all of the implications of these strategies, and we can recommend local finance providers who will be able to provide you with more detail in this area.

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  1. How long will it take to sell my property?
  2. While every house is different, there are some standard time frames involved in selling any property.

    We aim to get most properties on the market as soon as possible, depending on whether any additional maintenance or cleaning needs to be conducted on the property prior to sale.

    The time it takes to sell will depend on a variety of factors. Rest assured, demand for property in the Pilbara is underpinned by a variety of factors, and we will do everything possible to market your property and achieve the maximum sale price.

    Once a buyer has been found, the standard settlement period is 21-28 days, although this can be subject to variation.

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  3. What should I do to my property prior to selling?
  4. There are a variety of relatively inexpensive things you can do prior to selling that will help to maximise your sale price. For more information, refer to Selling Your Property in our Resources section.

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  5. What if I want to buy another house before I sell my current one?
  6. If you are in this situation, you may wish to find out about a form of bridging finance, to tide you over until you sell your old home. We can recommend local finance specialists who may be able to assist.

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  7. Can I sell my property if it is tenanted?
  8. You can sell a property that is currently tenanted, and in some cases this may be desirable for buyers where they intend to keep the property as an investment.

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  1. What is Landlord protection insurance?
  2. Landlord protection insurance typically covers property investors for such things as loss of rent or malicious damage, and is highly recommended for all landlords.

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  3. Are rental inspections necessary?
  4. Inspections are necessary to ensure the tenant is maintaining the property as outlined in the lease agreement. Where this is not the case, a breach notice may be issued outlining what needs to be rectified. Further action could include termination. As a landlord we will notify you of all such events.

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  5. How do you screen tenants?
  6. Potential tenants are traced through the national tenancy database, and reference checks are conducted with previous rental managers and employers.

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  7. Are Property Management expenses tax deductible?
  8. Property Management costs and advertising expenses related to securing a tenant are tax deductible. Different rules apply to other investment property expenses, including when seeking to sell a property. It is advisable to seek professional advice to ensure you are claiming appropriate deductions to which you are entitled.

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  1. What happens when the lease expires?
  2. You will find details of the expiry date in your lease agreement. You can request a lease renewal from the owner or agent, and the owner has the right to renew the lease or issue appropriate notice asking you to vacate the property.

    It is important for you to discuss whether or not you want to continue living in the property with the owner or agent well before the expiry date of your lease.

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  3. I have another person who wants to take over the lease on my property. What do I do?
  4. Any handovers must be done correctly and legally – you and the other person should contact your agent as soon as possible and let them know what you want to do.

    The agent or owner has no obligation to agree to your request, and the new person must carry out the same application as you originally did.

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  5. What happens if I need to leave the property before my lease expires?
  6. It is advisable not to leave a property without notifying your owner or agent – this will likely result in the loss of your bond and could also create a bad rental history record, which may make it more difficult for you to rent again in the future.

    In this circumstance, you are legally responsible for all reasonable expenses incurred by the owner or agent to locate a replacement tenant. You may also need to continue paying rent until a new tenant is located and enters into a new lease agreement. You and the agent are both able to actively seek a new tenant – but this individual must complete all normal processes and checks before they are approved.

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  7. What happens if the owners of the property I am renting decide to sell?
  8. If you have a current fixed term lease agreement and the property is sold to another person, you continue to have your rights to the property as a tenant when the new owner takes ownership. The new owner takes on the same lease rights and obligations as the previous owner.

    However, if your lease is of a periodic nature, you may be given written notice to move.

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  9. The property I am renting is for sale. How much notice should the landlord / property manager give me for prospective buyers wishing to look through the property?
  10. The Residential Tenancies Act suggests that the owner or agent may enter the property, for the purpose of showing the premises to prospective purchasers, at any reasonable hour and on a reasonable number of occasions, after giving the tenant reasonable notice.

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  11. What if I don’t agree with the final inspection report or bond dispersal?
  12. Should you not agree with the deductions to be made from your bond and you cannot resolve the issue with the owner through the managing agent, then the dispute would have to be resolved in a court.

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  13. Can I withhold rent?
  14. No. If the owner does not honour his/her obligations under the lease agreement, the tenant is not legally able to withhold rent. The tenant may issue a Notice of Breach of Agreement (by Owner).

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  15. When Do I Pay My Rent?
  16. Before you can move into your new property, you will be required to pay one calendar month’s rent in advance (your security bond is separate to this), and from then on, rent will be due as outlined in your contract.

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  17. What Is A Property Condition Report?
  18. The property condition report contains details of cleanliness, any marks on walls or joinery, the working order of each item and the general condition of the property. The report for a furnished property will also include an itemised list of all the furniture inside the property and the condition of the furniture. During property inspections and at the end of your lease, we’ll use this report as a guide for our final inspection before you vacate the property.

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  19. Why is it necessary for a property condition report?
  20. A property condition report is essential to give an accurate assessment of the overall condition of a premises, and to be used as a guide for subsequent routine inspections and final inspection.

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  21. What is a routine inspection?
  22. These inspections are essential to ensure that a property is being maintained to an acceptable standard, and to identify any maintenance that maybe required.

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